August 16, 2023

Public Pool Stays Open During Repairs

Written by Cath Dopper

Public Pool Stays Open During Repairs

With Asnu Group of Trades, Ryde Public Pool was able to stay open during repairs with use of a water dam. Re-tiling in a pool full of water sounds impossible, but with a water dam you can.

ASNU repaired Sydney’s Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre by installing a water dam which held back 2000 tones of water. While the Olympic pool water was dammed they re-tiled and sealed the pool. All repairs were completed while the pool stayed open and in use.

This environmentally safe solution allowed all work to be completed without draining 2000 tones of chlorinated water from the pool. Because of the impact on the environment, it is illegal in Australia to dump 2000 tonnes of chlorinated water into our waterways. A water dam is an efficient and environmentally safe solution for pool repairs.

Best of all the main pool stayed open and in use the whole time the dam was installed and the tiling.

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ASNU Group of Trades held back the tide for Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre. If you too have a need to hold back the tide. Then contact us for more information on all pool repairs.

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