Finial Repairs

We can fix that pointy bit on the top of your roof.

Finial Repairs and Replacement

ASNU does Finial Repairs throughout Sydney. We replace rotten finials on all types of roofs.  We are experienced at all types roof repairs including timber roof gables, bargeboards and finial replacement.  Work done Quickly.  Ask Us for a Quote.

it’s call a Finial …

We fix the pointy bit of Timber on your Roof

A finial is a small ornamental feature at the top of the roof.  Positioned on top of the roof gable or canopy of on a building.

What are Finials

They are the decorative timber or metal which are fastened to the projecting gables of a roof.

Rotten Finials?

You mightn’t look up to your roof much but rotten finials can make your house look unattractive and leaves your home open to exposure from the elements.

We can fix all types of Timber and Colourbond roofs, gutters, downpipes.

If it needs repairing they we can help.



Rotten Finials

Got Rotten or Damaged Timber on your home?

ASNU can replace all the damaged timber on a home, be it replacing the rotten finials on all types of roofs.

Or the timber roof gables, facias, bargeboards and finial replacement.

ASNU can fix it so it looks as good as new. Contact us for an obligation free quote Contact Us.


Decorative Roof Finials

Heritage homes often have decorative finials surrounding fixtures, box ends, gables, soffits, fascias are truly a works of art.

Repairing requires delicate handy-work from our carpentry specialists.  Our Builders and Carpenters love to work on specialists bargeboard repairs and absolutely love getting the chance to show off their ability to create work that is both incredibly durable and aesthetic.

Expert Workmanship and Professionalisms

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